Underwriting:   Fill-able/Printable Inquiry Form


The four C’s that result in better underwriting outcomes and quicker policy issue:

1. Control: Are the applicant’s impairments under control?

2. Compliance: Is the proposed insured complying with the doctors orders? Applicants over age 60 that do not have a personal physician are considered non-compliant by most companies. Applicants with impairments that do not have regular follow up by their physician are also considered non-compliant.

3. Complete Medical Records: Are their complete medical records showing compliance and control of impairments?

4. Common Sense: Is the insured financially justified for the coverage and is there an insurable interest?

If you need help quoting an applicant, click on the inquiry form above and get all the information you can.  Send it to us and we will research your case and provide the best tentative quote we can.  Our online custom quote feature is also available.


Field Underwriting Questioning Plan